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About Agent Contract Services

We know contracts—and the ever-changing requirements to get to closing—inside and out. Contingencies, compliance, scheduling conflicts, and various other obstacles are like puzzle pieces that never stop moving on you. Our seasoned, licensed contract managers put, and keep, those pieces in place.

With Gold Standard Contract Management, you can expect:

Full administrative support from contract to closing with a licensed contract manager.

A second set of eyes on the contract, deadlines, and contingencies.
A smooth sailing experience for your client, and you.

And more! [see details below]

With Enhanced Contract Management, you can expect everything from Gold Standard, plus:

Fiduciary service with a seasoned agent with field experience.

Extended hours.*

You negotiate, we take care of the rest.
Add on services such as buyer offers, buyer agency docs and listing agreements.

And more! [see details below]

Contract Management

Gold Standard


Submit ratified contract to “Brokerage Engine”, obtain missing signatures /initials.

Send intro emails to your client, lender, title, and agent on the other side.
Confirm EMD instructions and obtain confirmation of receipt.
Complete agent title intake; ensure client provides all required info. Keep title in the loop.
Schedule WDI inspection, distribute results, send invoices, and follow up on required remediation.
Add all contingencies and events to your calendar.
Follow up on all contingencies and provide reminders to meet deadlines.

Send addendums and forms for signatures. (agent provides language, excludes inspection notices)

Appraisal: Confirm timely order, provide deadline reminders, obtain results, keep parties informed.
Financing: Provide deadline reminders, obtain commitment letter, update all parties.
Resale docs: Order and deliver (listing) / confirm receipt (buyer) and advise of review period.
Flag HOA violation notices; follow up for resolution.
Order home warranty or confirm receipt, provide to title, confirm on ALTA.
Request repair receipts, distribute to required parties, confirm receipts match HI notice.
Coordinate with all parties to schedule and confirm walk-through.
Coordinate with all parties to schedule and confirm settlement.
Provide detailed “prepare for closing” instructions to your client and confirm utilities.
Confirm CD and clear-to-close from lender.
Confirm closing costs method and receipt of wire. (buyer)
Obtain and confirm invoices and/or reimbursements for ALTA.
Obtain prelim ALTA, review for accuracy, and send to your client, with your approval.
Obtain final ALTA, distribute to your client and update Brokerage Engine.
Request client referrals and online reviews to your preferred URL.
Coordinate and confirm PSOA walk-through and deposit return.
Licensed Contract Managers are assigned to your account.

Business hours – Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM.

Extended hours – Monday – Saturday 9 AM – 9 PM. ***membership required (see below)

Contract Manager becomes the main point of contact (optional), we involve you only when required.
Contract Manager will navigate obstacles and challenges not requiring negotiations.
Schedule, coordinate, and confirm all inspections.

Write and deliver initial inspection notice / addendum with request for repairs.

Schedule pre-closing inspection (if required for repairs).
ACS will use any custom email templates you provide or edit ours, as you instruct.

Prepare listing agreements, brokerage disclosures and required docs for $199. [see below]

Prepare buyer offers for $299. [see below]

Buyer Offers $299

*An Enhanced Contract Management membership is required.

Prepare the offer and buyer representation agreement.

Send offer to the buyer for signatures.

Present the offer to the listing agent on your behalf, email summary included.

1 PM deadline for same-day turnaround, due at time of service. (Mon-Sat)

Listing Agreement Prep $199

*An Enhanced Contract Management membership is required.

Prepare the listing agreement, required addendums and brokerage disclosures, save in your drafts.

1 PM deadline for same-day turnaround, due at time of service. (Mon-Sat)

$200 add-on available: ACS will meet with your seller via Zoom, guide them through the paperwork and disclosures, obtain signatures, and prepare your MLS seller’s disclosures PDF.  ACS will also order resale docs if requested and submit all listing paperwork to Brokerage Engine once you are live in the MLS.

Listing Launch

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Brokerage Engine listing submission

MLS entry: data, photos, tours, docs, initial open houses
Add instructions to Showing Time
Order photography and media, add to your calendar
Order yard sign post installation and removal
Create a 2-sided flyer and social media marketing image
*Vendor costs included (up to 3,000 sq ft and ACS service partner)
Includes a suite of custom marketing materials
*All high-resolution Images
*50 full-color, 2-sided flyers, printed and shipped
*100 full-color- 2-sided postcards, custom-designed and mailed
Add listing details to the photography vendor’s property website
*Elevated exterior photo (appx 24 ft.)
*3D modeling (Matterport walk-through)
*2D printable floorplan rendering
*Video tour MOVI walk-through
Fees are due at the time of service.
Available during business hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM – 5 PM

Benefits of working with ACS

Branded TTR Sotheby’s email signature in all email communications.

Tout your ACS Contract Manager as part of your team in your marketing and online.
Free consulting with Rod Rochowiak (co-owner of ACS), a licensed broker (in DC, MD, VA) and former top producing agent, for contract questions and strategic guidance.
Free consulting with Amber Cummer (co-owner of ACS) with nearly 20 years of operational experience for systems and operations questions and brainstorming.

*MEMBERSHIP – With an ACS Membership, you are committing to having ACS process all of your contracts from ratification to closing. Exclusions and exceptions apply. Cancel anytime. Benefits include:  Enhanced extended hours, personal branding, and transaction insurance protection.  Inquire for details.